It’s the September Brighton Album Chart Show

It’s another Brighton Album Chart Show and we’re bringing you a fantastic eclectic chart based on what the people of Brighton have been buying.

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1) All Good Wishes – GULP – Search For Your Love – E.L.K.Records
2) Coup De Grace – Miles Kane – Loaded – Virgin EMI Records
3) Teatime Dub Encounters – Underworld & Iggy Pop – Bells & Circles – Caroline International
4) Travel Light – Children of Zeus – All On You – First Word
5) Course of the Satellite – The Vryll Society – The Light At The Edge Of The World – Deltasonic
6) From When I Wake The Want Is – Kathryn Jones – From When I Wake The Want Is – Rock Action Records
7) Call Me By Your Name (Original Soundtrack, Limited Peach Season Edition) – Sufjan Stevens – Mystery Of Love – Music On Vinyl
8) Now That’s What I Call Music: Volume ONE – KC and The Sunshine Band – Give It Up – EPIC
9) Finish What We Started – Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing – 8 Bricks – Village Live
10) Living in extraordinary times – Coming Home (Pt.2) – Infectious Music

Local Pick
Silver Queen EP – Strange Cages –  False Prophet Death Waltz – Vallance Records

Local Pick

Brighton’s fuzzy-psych-garage-punk upstarts Strange Cages are known for their vivid shows and brash sound, and with upcoming release, ‘Silver Queen EP’ they show no signs of changing this formula.
This young, snarling whirlwind of a band have already released 2 EPs, and this third, released on Vallance records in September, is a testament to their work-ethic and insatiable creativity.
Acid Box Promotions are hosting the launch party on Sept 26th at the Hope and Ruin, and with plaudits from Q Magazine and airplay from Radio 1’s Huw Stephen’s, you’ll want to get down to a show sooner rather than later. Here’s the raucous foot stomper, False Prophet Death Waltz.

Number 10

This month’s chart opens with classic Mancunian rock band “James” and their 15th studio album “Living In Extraordinary Times”. You may remember James from their heyday in the 80s and 90s, and since reforming in 2007 they’ve been extremely busy.
Fans claim this latest offering to be one of their best, featuring trademark big choruses, a euphoric sound and timely lyrics from frontman Tim Booth, who channels the Bono vibe with precision.
The single “Coming Home” delivers a heart-wrenching performance from Booth as he repents for the missed time spent with his daughter through Facetime while on tour. A follow up to 1989 single “Come Home”, Leif Tilden’s directing chops are not wasted here.

Number 9

Dextrous flows and moody beats drop in at number 9 with Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing’s ‘Finish What We Started’.
Out now on Village Live Records, this release features production exclusively from Mr Thing with guest verses from UK rap talent such as Melanin 9 & Essa. Over 13 tracks, the veterans of UK hip-hop display their versatility and urban punk ethos – Micall’s bars are especially cutting on single 8 Bricks with Melanin 9.
Lyrics touching on the issues of modern slavery to money and drugs, and trappings of Western life prove why this duo had to finish what they started.
The video for ‘8 Bricks’ features Micall, Mr Thing and crew strutting it out in the setting of an abandoned estate, driving their gritty London aesthetic home to any who don’t know.

Number 8

Originally issued in November 1983, Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 1 has returned to us in celebration of the release of their 100th edition of the series this year.
Featuring 11 number one singles amongst its stack of 30 tracks, the tracklist includes songs from; Phil Collins, Duran Duran, Bonnie Tyler, Paul Young and Culture Club. Talk about blast from the past (!).
Starting a trend that would be copied by other labels at the time, none quite matched the success of the NOW Series which has since became a staple of the British release calendar.
Now available on double CD and vinyl, what better way to remind us of the era than with a little of KC & The Sunshine Band. Here’s ‘Give It Up’

Number 7

The original soundtrack from coming-of-age romance, Call Me By Your Name is at number 7.
A tale of love based on the acclaimed novel from Andre Aciman, it has grossed over $40 million worldwide, Winner of Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, nominated for Best Picture and lauded for its portrayal of gay love – critics have loved this film and its soundtrack! The soundtrack marries perfectly with the film, sketching magical piano pieces and entrancing orchestral arrangement to reflect the characters’ family, level of education and culture they would have lived in.
The screenplay is by James Ivory, and our pick from the album was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy awards.
The video features spliced together segments from the movie and is sure to have you reaching for the DVD. Get ready to feel the emotion while listening to Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens.

Number 6

At Number 6 is Kathryn Joseph – From When I Wake The Want Is. The sophomore project from Joseph, it follows up her 2015 debut ‘Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled’.
A fan of wordy titles, but also of withdrawn and introspective ballads, she worked with long time collaborator Marcus Mackay who produced the album and also worked on her debut.
The album documents both life’s traumas & resolutions, mixing new songs with material gathered over the past decade to create an intimate & devastating portrait of Joseph’s world.
We turn to the title single for our video, which features intimate scenes of 2 lovers wrapped in each others arms, white bedsheets and parabolic camera shots. See if you can find a hand to squeeze while enjoying; ‘From When I Wake The Want Is’.

Number 5

At number 5 we have Course Of The Satellite by The Vryll Society. This Trippy 5-piece from Liverpool are attracting quite the buzz with their handcrafted fusion of psych-rock, funk and electronica.
The past year has seen Vyrll Society locked in their subterranean rehearsal space for more than a year, creating a complex body of work to stimulate both the mind and soul.
The fruits of their labours are grooves bathed in effects-laden guitar & shimmering technicolour soundscapes. Fans of Tame Impala, Temples & Pond will love their cosmic brand of nu-age pop.
The video for ‘The Light At The Edge Of The World’ was directed by Peter Fearon and features an appropriately psychedelic journey through vintage colours and pretty forests. Check it out.

Number 4

We’ve got Manchester in the house with Children of Zeus at Number 4. Their debut album ‘Travel Light’ has long been awaited by fans, as previous singles ‘Still Standing’, ‘I Can’t Wait’ and ‘Slow Down’ enjoyed massive popularity on label First World. The self-defined ethos of the project is keeping their eyes on the road ahead, whilst shedding the baggage they’ve accumulated over the years.
Pushing their lo-fi blend of street soul has brought MC, DJ and beatmaker Konny Kon & soul-singer/MC Tyler Daley together – and the results speak for themselves.
In the video Tyler & Konny Kon vibe out while lounging at a local barber shop, delivering lines with ease and swagger to the camera.

Number 3

The mighty fusion of Underworld & Iggy Pop brings us ‘Teatime Dub Encounters’ at this week’s number 3. The three-headed partnership was born in 2016, when Underworld’s Rick Smith invited Iggy Pop to a room in London’s Savoy Hotel. Unknown to Iggy, the hotel had been transformed into a makeshift recording studio while Smith was creating the soundtrack to the sequel of Trainspotting, released earlier last year. Although the collaborative material didn’t make it on to the soundtrack, it is now available courtesy of the Caroline International label and features epic arrangements to suit the most seedy of warehouse raves.
Single, ‘Bells & Circles’ has all the elements of a night-long party and features Iggy Pop reminiscing about the good old days. As he tells you about his “error in judgement”, be sure to catch the Easter Egg’s in the on screen text of the video.

Number 2

Out on Banquet Records, our runner up this month is Miles Kane with Coup De Grace.
Kane has been on the scene since joining The Rascals 14 years ago, and has seen the pop climate change considerably in that time – in fact this particular album has been 5 years in the making, and Miles confessed that “a lot of emotion and excitement has gone into making it!”.
Last heard on his album with Arctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner, their project the Last Shadow Puppets has captured the hearts of baroque-pop fans all over.
In the video to single Loaded, he performs passionately in a series of dingy bars and dimly lit streets – this video was directed by Brook Linder and the song was actually written with Lana Del Ray after an encounter after a show. What are the odds?

Number 1

This month’s gold medal is awarded to Cardiff band Gulp, and their album All Good Wishes.
Their 2014 debut was a summer beach dream affair, but the indie-kraut rockers have returned 4 years later with a collage of lush textures and ethereal vocals. Fans of the Welsh rock scene may recognise bassist Guto Pryce from Super Furry Animals, who reached number 3 with their certified Gold album Rings Around The World back in 2003.
Pryce’s partner, Lindsey Leven, provides the vocals and weaves vagrant melodies through the synthy, psychedelic production and Kraftwerk-y grooves.
You can enter Gulp’s world courtesy of E.L.K records, with the LP now stocked at Resident Records. Single ‘Search For Your Love’ displays Leven amongst a trippy LED smorgasbord, delivering her woozy lines as she phases in and out of the scene.

Presented by Nelson Navarro

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