It’s October’s Brighton Album Chart Show

It’s another Brighton Album Chart Show and we’re bringing you a fantastic eclectic chart based on what the people of Brighton have been buying from the cities independent record stores.

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1)   Joy As An Act Of Resistance – IDLES – Colossus – Partisan
2)   Acts of Fear & Love – Slaves – Cut And Run – Virgin EMI
3)   And Nothing Hurt – Spiritualized – I’m Your Man – Fat Possum Records
4)   The Serpents Mouth – Bacao Rhythm & Steel – The Serpent’s Mouth – Big Crown Records
5)   Marauder – Interpol – If You Really Love Nothing – Matador
6)   Clifford Brown & Jean Bassa – Samba Del Sol – Que Sena – Banoffee Pies Records
7)   Go To School – The Lemon Twigs – Small Victories – 4AD
8)   Hunter – Anna Calvi – As A Man – Domino
9)   KIN (Original Soundtrack) – Mogwai – We’re Not Done – Temporary Residence Limited
10) One – Remulak – Division – Village LIve

Local Pick
Yumi And The Weather LP – Yumi And The Weather – Hustle – MIOHMI Records

Local Pick

Now its time for our local pick – where we spotlight an artist local to Brighton releasing an upcoming EP or Album.
This month we’re featuring Yumi & The Weather and her self titled debut album, released on Miohmi Records. Filled with rising synth textures, head-banging indie riffs and foot tapping grooves this release is a display of what’s to come from one of the South Coast’s most innovative artists. Frontwoman Ruby Taylor wrote the album herself and co-produced the recordings with close friend Rob Flynn in a small room above a sandwhich shop in her hometown of Worthing.

Number 10

Courtesy of Village Live, we have Remulak at Number 10 with new album One. Fans of label Village Live will know the resident producer from his sold-out 2017 album ‘Earth’ or his collaboration with M9 & Skriblah ‘Highlife’. Cherubic instrumentals filled with strings and flutes populate the soundscapes of ‘One’ and are a must listen for any hip hop head. Composed entirely using Maschine & Fruity Loops these beats attest to a belief in minimalism and working with what you have at your disposal. Songs like ‘New Cone’ border on being lo-fi, whilst the video for ‘Division’ sets the perfect scene for this collection of soulful, jazzy instrumentals.

Number 9

For fan’s of the silver screen, number 9 is the Original Soundtrack to the film Kin, written by indie-rockers Mogwai.
“I just need you to stay out of trouble” – dangerous words to tell any 14 year old, but when Eli Solinski finds an alien bazooka in his Detroit neighbourhood, those words take on a whole new meaning. Produced by the team behind Stranger Things, this sci fi romp sticks a young kid and his adopted convict brother together in an attempt to outrun criminals, police and a gang of otherworldy soldiers, who seem pretty intent on recovering their lost water pistol. Scottish band Mogwai have demonstrated their skills on albums like Mr Beast, soundtracks for films like “Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait” and French TV series The Returned. Haunting, ambient and retro – here’s the end credit track, We’re Not Done.

Number 8

Anna Calvi is coming to get you at number 8 with her LP Hunter. Uncompromising in sound and scope, her new album sees her channeling feminist energies into gothic drama.
This is Anna’s first album in 5 years, following a self titled debut in 2010, and a string of acclaimed EPs, and this British singer-songwriter flaunts her powerful, operatic voice across the project.
Set to her virtuoso guitar skills and songwriting, the project was co-produced by Nick Launay and features Adrian Utley from Portishead. Songs like ‘Don’t Beat the Girl out of My Boy’ nod to the serious topic handled on the album, and the Youtube dividing ‘Hunter’ pushes boundaries entirely.
We can’t even show you the video to Hunter on this show, but thankfully Calvi’s performance on ‘As A Man’ is spellbinding and watchable – see what you think.

Number 7

At Number 7 we have The Lemon Twigs and ‘Go To School’. What seems like simply good advice, is actually the title for an album as bizarre as it is creative.
Go To School is a rock musical about Shane, a heartbroken, bullied and unloved chimpanzee who burns down his school, killing 100 people in the process before fleeing to the woods to live a life of reflective solitude.
What has the potential to be a gothic descent into madness soars above expectations to bring a cross of Rod Stewart & Hamilton to your ears. The duo of brothers, Michael & Brian D’Addario, have been in showbiz since toddlers – in fact Michael himself described it himself as “a ridiculous album”. Never mind what he says, Brightonians have made it their number 7.

Number 6

Head nodding grooves & bouncey synth lines guide you through number 6: Clifford Brown & Jean Bassa’s Samba Del Sol. Brought to us by Bristol label Banoffee Pies Records, the album fuses Brown & Bassa’s production with the vocals of Ella Mae – a talented vocalist in her own right who’s presence on UK hip hop records is now a welcomed regular occurrence.
Recorded on karaoke microphones and arranged on Garageband, the record has shades of Erykah Badu while fusing latin grooves with an R&B sizzle.
The LP spent 6 years gathering digital dust on a hard drive in Bath, but I think it’s in all our best interests that we get a chance to listen to it now.

Number 5

Number 5 this month goes to Interpol with their 6th studio album – Marauder.
A follow up to their last album, El Pintor, writing this record got pretty hectic for the New York band; word has it, the early sessions for ‘Marauder’ got so rowdy that the police had to kick them out of the rehearsal space they were borrowing from fellow New York band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Darker and more menacing than El Pintor, this album was produced by David Friddman – you may know him for bringing out the weirder side of MGMT, Tame Impala and Flaming Lips.
The video for single “If You Really Love Nothing” was directed by Hala Matar and stars Twilight darling Kristen Stewart in dark and dingy settings that perfectly echo the record.

Number 4

Beware of number 4 – it’s The Serpent’s Mouth by Bacao Rhythm & Steel. A band originally launched in 2007 by German funk-fiend Bjorn Wagner, they’ve returned after 11 years with a second album that gleefully mashes together funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz as well as tinges of tropical influences. Wagner actually started the act after learning to play steel drums while staying in Trinidad & Tobago and nods to reggae and calypso in songs like ‘Real Hot’ display this perfectly, with covers of Dr Dre’s ‘Xxplosive’ proudly taking a bite of the hip hop pie. Laced with tropical groove and ever present steel drum melodies, this is a must listen.

Number 3

At Number 3 is Spiritualized with “And Nothing Hurt”. The space rock band have been around since the early 90s, collecting an Album Of The Year award from NME in 1997 and pulling together an impressive 115 session musicians to create their album ‘Let It Come Down’.
Incredibly, the creative force behind the band is just one man – Jason Pierce aka J. Spaceman, who has written & performed on all 8 of the band’s releases.
Producing this album, Pierce confessed that doing it on his own drove him madder than anything before, learning the digital recording techniques from scratch in his front room as he put the record together – the result is a spectral and psychedelic record that deals with age, acceptance and satisfaction. The video for ‘I’m Your Man’ was directed by Juliette Larthe and shows Spaceman drifting through life wearing his Sunday best – that is, if you’re Sunday best is a spacesuit.

Number 2

Acts Of Fear And Love by Slaves sits at Number 2 this month! The boys from Tumbridge Wells first exploded onto the UK Punk scene in 2012 and continued their bombardment by releasing studio albums in 2015 and ‘16 with Virgin EMI.
Since their emergence, they’ve gone on to diversify their sound and incorporate more melodic elements. Songs like ‘Cut & Run’ have a head-nodding, energetic feel with a shout-along chant chorus that is sure to fill festival fields & venue pits as they tour internationally through America & Europe, returning to the UK this November.
The video for Cut & Run features the pair taking over your telly with a classic 80’s theme exercise video and tongue in cheek dance to boot.

Number 1

The snarling sounds of Idles rise to take our Number 1 spot! Their second album ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ has been applauded by critics on both sides of the pond, placing 5th on the UK Album Chart at the start of September. Hailed as ‘Britain’s most necessary band’, the album was released in August and demonstrates what the Bristol punks do best, screaming about Brexit trepidation in songs like ‘Great’; praising immigrants in ‘Danny Nedelko’; and lamenting the death-at-birth of his daughter in ‘June’.
The single ‘Colossus’ opens innocently enough, but as the journey continues and the tension builds, you’ll find yourself ready to tear a hole in your bedsheets and headbang like its 2005. In the video, frontman Joe Talbot stares straight down the lens and into your heart, whether you like it of not. Check out this week’s number 1 by IDLES.

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