It’s November’s Brighton Album Chart Show

It’s another Brighton Album Chart Show and we’re bringing you a fantastic eclectic chart based on what the people of Brighton have been buying from the cities independent record stores.

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1)  Double Negative – Low – Poor Sucker – Sub Pop
2)  True Meanings – Paul Weller – Movin On – Warner Music Group
3)  Predictions – 79.5 – Boy Don’t Be Afraid – Big Crown Records
4)  Black Honey – Black Honey – Midnight – foxfive records
5)  Chris – Christine and the Queens – Doesn’t Matter – Because Music
6)  Piano & a Microphone 1983 – Prince – Mary Don’t You Weep – Warner Music Group
7)  Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises – Noises – dirty hit
8)  Displaced Diaspora – Moses BOYD – Rye Lane Shuffle – Exodus Records
9)  The Blue Hour – Suede – Life Is Golden – Warner Music Group
10) Jazz Hop 2 – Gas Lab & Traum Diggs – Heartskip ft. RES and Hector Mario – 623ENT

Local Pick
The Employees of Ice Cream – The Emporers of Ice Cream – The Sunshine Song – self release

Local Pick

For November’s Local Pick, we’ve chosen the brilliantly named “Emperors of Ice Cream” (though possibly nicked from a 1922 Stephen King novel) and their album “Employees of Ice Cream”, which is available now via their Bandcamp and other online retailers.
The post-punk four-piece formed in 2014 and headed to Electric Brighton to record this album, with producer Mark Roberts at the helm.
Crashing together post-punk, jazz and psychedelic influences, there is a sense of camaraderie in their sound which guitarist/vocalist Karl Waugh describes as “a grand melting pot of what all of us listen to”. Check the hectic video to single The Sunshine Song and give them your appraisal.

Number 10

This month we begin with some laidback grooves on Jazz Hop 2, by Gas Lab & Traum Diggs. Another pairing of soothing jazz production and intellectual, heartfelt rhymes from this collaboration follows 2013s Jazz Hop vol.1. This album is a true head nodder and perfect for relaxing nights at home.
Gas Lab handles the production with fluidity throughout the project, and heartfelt lyricism from Traum Diggs is especially powerful on single “Heartskip”.
The album recorded across Buenos Aires, Philadelphia and New York is out now digitally via 623 Entertainment and on limited edition vinyl thanks to Village Live Records. You can find the video to Heartskip on YouTube directed by Josue Lora, perfectly capturing the late night vibe as flutes chirp and Rhodes piano chords cascade from ear to ear.

Number 9

At number 9 we have The Blue Hour, by Suede. This album follows their 2016 record, Night Thoughts, and is the eighth offering from the London band. Sonics of the album range from dark and ominous one minute, to upbeat yet forlorn the next. It’s 14 tracks are intended to be listened as a whole and not consumed separately, that is, if you want to lock in to the concept of the album sketched out in the lyrics, which include field recordings and snatches of speech that punctuate the record. Tranquil yet sombre scenes of a deserted town near Chernobyl comprise the video for Life Is Golden, which I’d recommend to anyone in need of a cheer up cry – check it out now via Warner Music Group.

Number 8

Up at number 8 is UK Jazz Star Moses Boyd and his album Displaced Diaspora. The drummer, composer and producer has won 2 MOBO awards for his work and this album was mixed by his mentors and UK producer royalty, Four Tet & Floating Points.
Speaking to Red Bull Music on the album, Boyd said that the project was a perfect snapshot of what was happening in the UK Jazz scene in 2015, before the cameras and media had turned its attention on many of the talented musicians who graced this album’s songs like Yusef Kamaal and Nubya Garcia.
Blending jazz and electronica while exploring his own West Indian heritage, this record is out now on his own Exodus Records Imprint, and this single Rye Lane Shuffle, as well as the rest of the album, is available via Moses’ bandcamp.

Number 7

Out now on Dirty Hit, Pale Waves hit number 7 with “My Mind Makes Noises”.
Overflowing with emotions and social angst, Pale Waves ask the questions everyone is thinking, but no one wants to answer: “I’m bored of my face. What can I do to feel OK? Is this normal? Does everyone feel this way?”.
Their debut album is a must for fans of CHVRCHES, Taylor Swift and lovers of a classic pop-ballad.
It features a tasteful neo-80s swagger throughout thanks to production from Jonathan Gilmore and The 1975’s George Daniel and Matthew Healy.
Single Noises perfectly sums up the feelings of despair on this album, colliding tongue-in-check pop with over-the-top fashion styles in a video featuring founders of the group, Heather and Ciara.

Number 6

Unearthed from the vaults to arrive at number 6, it’s Prince with Piano & A Microphone 1983.
Unless you’ve been leaving under a rock then you’ll likely have heard of superstar Prince and his untimely death in 2016. Fortunately for fans of the 80s icon, an album of home cassette recordings has been released courtesy of Warner Music, and features intimate recordings of the singer performing some of his greatest performances in keeping with the theme of his final tour. Recorded in 1983 on the cusp of the peak of his career, these recordings are a treat for any fans of the star, and offer a masterclass in the extravagance and brilliance he was revered for.

Number 5

French songsmith Christine and the Queens hits our number 5 with new album Chris.
One for lovers of avant-garde pop music, Christine sails over bouncy electronic production with syncopated melodies and pin point pronunciation.
Chirping background vocals and soaring synths fill the lush soundscape of the album, which comes in 2 versions – one sung exclusively in French and one sung exclusively in English.
Her already iconic debut, Chaleur Humaine, was clearly just a taste of what was to come as Chris’ artistry matured, and single Doesn’t Matter demos this perfectly. Shot completely on 16mm film, the video portrays male and female dancers playing out their relationship in an empty car park and was heavily influenced by 90s French cinema. Makes me contemplate moving en Francais myself.

Number 4

Brighton visionaries Black Honey stomp onto our chart at Number 4 with self titled debut album, Black Honey.
This band has truly been putting in the graft since forming in 2014, playing remarkable live shows across the UK and foraying into Western Europe via Germany, Belgium and France. This debut album showcases 12 perfectly crafted pop songs of a dizzying array of genres – from the guitar chugging opener “I Only Hurt The Ones I Love” to the electro-disco tinged “Midnight”.
Heavy distortion and head-banging groove aren’t even the best parts of a music video telling a dark and sordid story starring frontwoman Izzy B Philips. Keep your eyes peeled for this release on Foxfive Records.

Number 3

As we move into the podium spots, first up is New York outfit 79.5, and their debut album Predictions. This six piece based their name on an imaginary radio station that could be the home for a genre tapestry of House, Soul, Jazz and New Jack Swing.
Recorded at The Diamond Mine studio in Queens, the record was made the “old fashioned way”, with each song recorded by all musicians in one take straight to analog tape. Already supported by the likes of Q-Tip and Giles Peterson, the soulful grooves on this record accompany serene vocal harmonies and blissful Rhodes riffs. Riding round town on a BMX, the music video for Boy Don’t Be Afraid features Lee-Jean Chow & Marshall Garrett – be sure to check it out.

Number 2

At Number 2 we have Paul Weller’s 26th album True Meanings. This introspective set of songs gently sways through the listeners ears, as Weller is backed by his usual band and some lush pieces of orchestral instrumentation to boot.
Paul Weller has been in the game for (to use the technical term) yonks – in fact his first album with the Jam debuted in 1976 at the peak of the UK Punk boom and he’s enjoyed success as a solo artist since 1991.
Now at the ripe age of 60, he’s continuing his winning streak and paying homage to his home city of London with video to single Movin On. Out now on Warner Music, be sure to play this one on your next road trip.

Number 1

We award the top spot on our chart this month to Minnesotan trio Low and their album “Double Negative”. Eerie; Haunting; Obscure. Low are known for their brutal yet absorbing style of downtempo-pop-electronica and here they’ve truly pushed it to the edge.
Undulating soundscapes of distorted, pumping vocals, rising tides and chaotic synths push the listener from pillar to post, and just when you think it’s all too much they set you down – gently yet abruptly – in a serene audio clearing where you can practically hear your heart beating in your chest.
Cited as an “oppressive yet delicate work of genius” by Resident Brighton, this album is a masterpiece and the video for Poor Sucker draws you in as a patchwork of facepaint is unleashed courtesy of artist Dereck Cich.

Presented by Nelson Navarro

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