Welcome to the May edition of
the Brighton Album Chart Show!

This month on Brighton Album Chart Show we start May counting down the albums that are currently creating the biggest buzz around town, with trends collected from various music stores in and around Brighton. Our May chart brings us excellent tunes from the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Rival Consoles, Laura Veirs, Gaz Coombes .. plus many more!

May Chart

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1) Resistance Is Futile –  Manic Street Preachers – Distant Colours – Columbia
2) Goat Girl – Goat Girl – The Man – Rough Trade
3) Geography – Tom Misch – Helpless – UMC
4) Persona – Rival Consoles – Untravel – Erased Tapes
5) The Straight Hits! – Josh T.Person – Straight to the Top! – Mute
6) Nihilistic Glamour Shots – Cabbage – Arms of Pleonexia – BMG
7) The Deconstruction – Eels – Bone Dry – Eworks
8) World’s Strongest Man – Gaz Coombes – Walk the Walk – Hot Fruit / Caroline
9) Like An Island – Bryde – To Be Brave – Self Released
10) The Lookout – Laura Veirs- Everybody Needs You – Bella Union

Local Pick
Fun Police – Swoon – Fun Police – One inch Badge Records

Number 10

We kick of this month’s chart at number 10 with the album, The Lookout by Laura Veirs which is released on Bella Union. For her 10th studio album Veirs says “I’m addressing what’s happening around me with the chaos of post-election America, the racial divides in our country, and a personal reckoning with the realities of midlife,”
It’s a concept album on a folk-pop tip.

In the video for the single ‘Everybody Needs You” we see Veirs sharing her nighttime cab ride with some pretty cool animation….

brighton album chart show - laura veirs - the lookout - everybody needs you - bella union

Number 9

At number 9 we have the album, Like An Island by Welsh singer/ songwriter Sarah Howells AKA Bryde. The album has some delicate, tender moments and more hard-hitting songs, carried along beautifully by Howells powerful vocals.
The single ‘To Be Brave’ is a haunting song that comes straight from the heart.

The video for the single is very atmospheric and was filmed in Shot in Dungeness, a place that the singer holds a particular fascination for.

brighton album chart show - bryde - like an island - to be brave


Number 8

Former Supergrass frontman, Gaz Coombes is at number 8 with his 3rd full length studio release “World’s Strongest Man” Some are hailing this as his best work to date. The songs are well crafted pop-rock grooves. With Coombes singing about the ideals of masculinity and his own struggles with mental health.

We are featuring the single ‘Walk The Walk” which has a hypnotic bass-line, space-aged gospel vocals & a pretty serious groove.

The video for the track was inspired by David Hockney photo-collages…

brighton album chart show - gaz coombes - worlds strongest man - walk the walk - hot fruit - caroline

Number 7

Eels are at number 7 with their 12th studio album, “The Deconstruction”.  Eels’ front man and album producer Mark ‘E’ Everett has said that new album ‘The Deconstruction’ is a “compassionate” antidote to the current state of world affairs.

The single ‘Bone Dry’ is a hard-hitting rock number. The accompanying video was influenced by the 1929 Disney animation Skeleton Dance.

EELS - The Deconstruction - Bone Dry - Eworks

Number 6

At number 6 are English indie rockers from my home town of Manchester, Cabbage with their highly anticipated album “Nihilistic glamour shots”. The album is raw & LOUD, with catchy guitar lines and big glam-punk choruses.

The single “Arms Of Pleonexia” is a skuzzy punk number. The video for the track is a black and white and a wee bit moody. Check it!

Brighton Album Chart Show_may_cabbage_nihilistic_glamour_shots_arms_of_pleonexia

Number 5

Texan musician Josh T Pearson is at number 5 with his album ‘The Straight Hits” his first solo release in 7 years. Every track title features the word “straight” which adds a bit of a novelty factor to the record. If up-tempo country rock and ballads are your thing this might be the album for you. Lead single ‘Straight To The Top’ is a raucous, energetic tune.

The animated video features A bar brawl, a high-speed chase, an army of robots, reincarnation, lots of explosions and some kick-ass motorcycle moves.

brighton album chart show_may_josh_t_person_the_straight_hits_straight_to_the_top_mute

Local Pick

Our local pick this month is Brighton based four-piece electronic alt-rock band, Swoon. The band formed after posting an ad on gumtree last year. And they’ve been gigging and recording ever since.  With influences ranging from Bowie to metal, the band have a very free sound. The single ‘Fun Police’ is an upbeat alt-rock number where front-woman Alice really gives it some welly!

The video for the track is a black and white performance video shot in Brighton.

brighton album chart show - brighton new music - swoon - fun police - one inch badge

Number 4

Rival Consoles AKA Ryan Lee is at number 4 with his latest album “Persona”.  The music is made up of subtle beats and textures and is experimental in nature. Some call it IDM which stands for “Intelligent Dance music” if you didn’t know! The single ‘unravel’ is a beautiful slice of ambience.

Ryan says that the idea behind the video was about “exploring ways of visualising the feeling of being lost”.

brighton album chart show_may_rival_consoles_persona_untravel_erased_tapes

Number 3

South Londoner Tom Misch is at number 3 with his largely self-produced debut album ‘Geography”. The talented singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist mixes jazz, Hip hop, dance and soul influences, beautifully, all topped off with his honeyed, soulful vocals.

On The downtempo track ‘You’re On My Mind’ Misch sings about a past love that he can’t forget.

brighton album chart show_may_tom_misch_geography_helpless_umc

Number 2

At number 2 is Goat Girl with their self-titled debut album. The South London all female band are known for their excellent live shows & the album is crammed full of their offbeat, DIY sound which is super fresh, gritty & kind of exhilarating. The album was produced by fellow south London resident and ultimate legend, Dan Carey. The single ‘The Man’ is a perfect slice of garage punk.

The video for the track was inspired by the 1964 movie a Hard Days Night and flips gender norms on its head. We see the band being adored by lots of male, screaming fans, Beatlemania style.

brighton album chart show_may_goat_girl_the_man_rough_trade


Number 1

Welsh rockers, Manic Street Preachers are this month’s number 1 with their 13th studio album ‘Resistance Is futile”.
It’s a welcome return for the band & fans are more than happy with this melodic, complex & multi layered piece of work. On the record the band pay tribute to the poetry of Dylan Thomas & also feature a song that singer James Bradfield wrote about Liverpool’s fight for justice following the Hillsborough disaster.

The single ‘distant colours’ has a political theme. The video for the track was produced by the regular band collaborator Kieran Evans.


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