It’s July’s Brighton Album Chart Show

It’s another Brighton Album Chart Show and we’re bringing you a fantastic eclectic chart based on what the people of Brighton have been buying.

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1) God’s Favourite Customer – Father John Misty – Mr. Tillman – Bella Union
2) The Return – Kamaal Williams – Salaam – Black Focus
3) Tell Me How You Really Feel – Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty – Marathon Artists
4) Wide Awake – Parquet Courts – Mardi Gras Beads – Rough Trade
5) Bon Voyage – Melody’s Echo Chamber – Cross My Heart – Fat Possum Records
6) Hope Downs – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talking Straight – Sub Pop
7) The Sciences – Sleep – The Clarity – Third Man Records
8) World’s Strongest Man – Gaz Coombes – Wounded Egos – Hot Fruit
9) Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – Arctic Monkeys – Four Out Of Five – Domino Recording Company
10) Prequelle – Ghost – Rats – Loma Vista Recordings

Local Pick
Snare EP – Battery Operated Orchestra – Self-Released – Bella

Local Pick

Brigitte Rose and Chris Black are the electronic duo BOO, alternatively Battery Operated Orchestra, and their 3rd studio album release titled SNAREis local pick for July.
From Glasgow and Tasmania originally they describe themselves as magnetically drawn across the globe to unite, migrate to the South Coast, and begin pullings sounds from the ether.

Taking inspiration from ABBA and DEVO they unashamedly put the POP in electro pop, utilising cute analogue beeps smothered in Brigittes smooth vocals that hark back to the heyday of 80s keyboard electronica.
The featured single Bella, 2nd release from the forthcoming album, is a seriously summery affair, with shimmering synths, sun kissed melodies and driving beats.

If these releases are anything to go by the band are a turing away from the toy-tronic analogue sounds of previous releases and putting out some serious radio friendly electropop.
The gorgeous dreamy artwork that accompanies the video was also created by Brigette as is the CD artwork, and its fair to say they embody DIY in all they do as they are self releasing the album as a handmade 6-panel digipak CD with a 12-page booklet, as well as digital download from bandcamp.

Number 10

We kick off the chart with Swedish rockers, Ghost, and their album Prequelle, which is their 4th studio release. Ghost are one of metals most diverse and interesting bands and they are still keeping their true identities under wraps.
They have a new singer who goes by the name of Cardinal Copia and the album sounds theatrical and fresh. The single Rats has some classic heavy metal riffs and catchy vocal hooks to sing-a-long to.
The video for the track is directed by Roboshobo and is pretty epic! Check it out

Number 9

At number 9 are Sheffield’s finest, Arctic Monkeys, with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, their 6th studio album. The songs were composed by Alex Turner on piano – so instead of the rock anthems you maybe expecting, youll be swaying to some soulful, pop ballads. With Turner crooning like a Lounge singer – The single Four Out Of Five is a mellow & funky number, and kinda slinky to me. The surreal video is on a Stanley Kubrick/ Clockwork Orange tip and features Turner & band in a twisted reality.

Number 8

Gaz Coombes is at number 8 with his awesome 3rd studio album, Worlds Strongest Man. This is Coombes 3 rd consecutive month in our chart & fans clearly cannot get enough! On the album Coombes tackles some deep subjects like the rise of extremism, masculinity & mental health. All delivered with distorted electronics, funky bass lines, brooding piano, gorgeous melodies & driving drums. The single Wounded Egos is a gorgeous pop track that features a children’s choir.
The video for the track is a performance video compiled from footage of Coombes recent tour

Number 7

At number 7 are American doom metal band, Sleep with their fourth studio album, The Sciences. Which is their first release in over two decades. They dropped the album with no warning which is now known in the biz as doing a BeyonceThe lads have got abit of a thing for the old ganja herb, which is pretty obvious from some of the song titles and lyrics. Weed appreciation is what this band are all about! Weve picked the track The Clarity from the album which is a classic, full on stoner anthem. These guys sound proper mash up on this one .

Number 6

At number 6 are Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever with their indie rock album Hope Downs, released on The Sub pop label. If you like your post punk on an indie/country tip then this is the band for you. The album is a lush, pop affair with jangly guitars merging into warm melodies and is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny day on the beach or cruising in your motor with the top down, If you’re into that sort of thing. The single, Talking Straight is light, effortless and carefree.

Number 5

French singer & multi instrumentalist Melody Prochet AKA Melodys Echo Chamber is at number 5 with their album Bon Voyage. Its a collaboration with Tame Impalas Kevin Parker who produced the album. Prochet says that she was boring herself with her pretty songs and asked Kevin to destroy everything”. Sounds pretty harsh but the result is outstanding, trippy, enchanting & experimental. The single Cross My Heart has a 1960s, psychedelic feel with a wee bit of funk and video is a nice slice of trippy animation that compliments the track perfectly

Number 4

Straight out of New York comes this week’s number 4 – Wide Awake! by Paraquet Courts. This album follows Human Performance which peaked at #50 on the UK album chart in 2016. Single Mardi Gras beads is monochrome and wistful, accompanied with a video set in New Orleans where lead guitarist Austin Brown explores the illustrious city. Despite a slightly forgettable screen performance, Brown delivers a wicked solo in the latter half of the tune and litters the driving beat with artful guitar melodies and chorused vocals. Racking in 71K views so far in YouTube, enjoy this trip down The Big Easy.

Number 3

Courtney Barnett comes in at number 3 for a podium spot with Tell Me How You Really Feel. Single City Looks Pretty deals with the loneliness and isolation that can come with life in a big city. Chugging guitar and rhythm  open up a breezey anthem, Screeching lead rocks away in the background as Courtney skips along the top with wistful melodies. Confessing that today’s politics have been an influence in the albums melancholy sound, Barnett told NME that she indulged in more piano writing for this project. Recorded in Melbourne with producer Burke Reid, Reid also produced the video for this single album leads your eye from fair ground rides and sushi to peacocks and kalaiedescopes, walking you through a beautifully arranged pop ballad.

Number 2

At number 2 is Kamaal Williams with “The Reutrm”. luscious chords and wandering synth ooze over this silly jazz fusion. Henry wu’s jazz baby recently recruited bassist Pete Martin and drummer MckNasty to record this hotly anticipated debut album. Composer and keyboardist previously of Yusef Kamaal has been catching plenty of heat lately and quite rightly – these jams are hot. The summer brings festival dates across Europe in Germany, Italy and Portugal, where jazz lovers can experience this blissful fusion of sound for themselves. Wavey morrocan visuals in the cinematic video are well worth a watch.

Number 1

At the top our chart this month – album number for from Father John Misty: God’s Favorite Customer, released in February 2018. Lead single “Mr Tillman” was debuted live at Third Man Records in Nashville on September last year and tells a story from a hotel concierge, who observes the personal crisis of guest Mr Tillman and tries to maintain professional while registering his frustration and despair. Trippy, double tracked vocals croon through your speakers, and the video pushes the Groundhog Day vibe even further into the listeners mind.

Tillman described the album to NME as, “Just ten tunes, kind of sprightly BPMs”, but the liner notes reveal an alternate title of “Mr Tillman’s Wild Mind”. Mental health, martial issues and isolation are all topics on this album which was written over 2 months while the Father dealt with his own crisis. From great pain emerges great art, take a listen to this month’s top release.

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