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Every month we pick a fresh release coming straight out of Brighton and broadcast them on our cult TV and Radio chart show
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Brighton Album Chart Show is a concept music video chart, as seen on Latest TV, and accompanying radio show/podcast broadcasting on Radio Reverb.

Our chart is compiled solely by what local people are purchasing at Brighton’s independent record stores but in every show we also champion an act local to Brighton releasing an EP or album.

We’re on the lookout for new music releases specifically from Brighton (or nearby) acts to feature in our monthly chart.
Get your music heard by thousands of local music enthusiasts that tune into our shows as well as worldwide visitors to our website.

How Do I Become a Local Pick?

As the name suggests a local pick must be local to the Brighton area and your release should be forthcoming, or at least very recently released. If this it you then please send:

– a link to your video
– biog or introduction to the band
– release date and details of your upcoming or very recent release such as any launch parties, special edition LPs etc..

We can’t wait to hear your music! 🎧

Previous Local Picks

Emperors of Ice Cream

For November’s Local Pick, we’ve chosen the brilliantly named “Emperors of Ice Cream” (though possibly nicked from a 1922 Stephen King novel) and their album “Employees of Ice Cream”, which is available now via their Bandcamp and other online retailers.
The post-punk four-piece formed in 2014 and headed to Electric Brighton to record this album, with producer Mark Roberts at the helm.
Crashing together post-punk, jazz and psychedelic influences, there is a sense of camaraderie in their sound which guitarist/vocalist Karl Waugh describes as “a grand melting pot of what all of us listen to”. Check the hectic video to single The Sunshine Song and give them your appraisal.

Yumi & The Weather

Frontwoman Ruby Taylor wrote the album herself and co-produced the recordings with close friend Rob Flynn in a small room above a sandwhich shop in her hometown of Worthing. Filled with rising synth textures, head-banging indie riffs and foot tapping grooves this release is a display of what’s to come from one of the South Coast’s most innovative artists. Click to see the dazzling video for ‘Hustle’

Strange Cages

Brighton’s fuzzy-psych-garage-punk upstarts Strange Cages are known for their vivid shows and brash sound.
This young, snarling whirlwind of a band have already released 2 EPs, and this third, released on Vallance records in September, is a testament to their work-ethic and insatiable creativity.
Here’s the raucous foot stomper, ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’.

Bobbie Johnson

Having toured in 2018 with Rag n Bone Man and being the soul songwriter and producer for her work, she’s really ready to turn heads this year.
Originally from Stevenage, North London, and now living in Brighton, Bobbie was inspired by the classic hip hop of the 90s to start making her own music. Now in her own lane of post-grime electronica fusion, her new project is set to turn heads across the country.
You can check out the live session video for the song ‘Emerald’ courtesy of QM Records.

Battery Operated Orchestra

Bridget Rose & Chris Black are electronic duo BOO aka Battery Operated Orchestra and their third studio album release titled ‘Snare’ was our local pick for July. From Glasgow and Tasmania originally, they describe themselves as magnetically drawn across the globe to unite here, on the South Coast and began pulling sounds from the ether. Taking inspiration from ABBA and DEVO they unashamedly put the pop in electro-pop utilizing the analog bleeps smothered in Bridgets smooth vocals to head back to that hay-day of 80s keyboard electronica.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Local Pick July - Battery Operated Orchestra


Our local pick in June came from Brighton based alt-rock duo Paper Hawk with their debut EP ‘The Tide’ which was released through Brighton’s boutique record label, Folklore Sessions.
Songwriters Rebecca Brandler and Scott Booth started the project after meeting a few months after both moving to Brighton to study and they’ve been gigging and making music ever since.
‘The Tide’ is available to buy on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify. The debut music video for the single ‘Trails’ chronicles a volatile relationship.

brighton album chart show - brighton new music - paper hawk - the tide EP - trails


Our local pick in May came from Brighton based four-piece electronic alt-rock band, Swoon. A dynamic, high-energy band that only formed last year after posting a Gumtree ad of all things! These guys have been non-stop ever since with constant gigs and recordings. With influences ranging from Bowie to metal, the band have a very free sound. The single ‘Fun Police’ is an upbeat alt-rock number where front-woman Alice really gives it some welly!
The video for the track is a black and white performance video shot in Brighton.

brighton album chart show - brighton new music - swoon - fun police - one inch badge

Fruity Water

This electro/indie-pop duo only formed in 2017 and have already released their debut album Thirst Takes on Big Salad Records. The music is electronic, experimental and incredibly playful. We featured the single ‘Dance With Me’ which is a joyous synth-pop dance tune.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Brighton New Music - Fruity Water - 'Dance With Me'

Thieves By The Code

This blues-rock 3-piece formed in Brighton back in 2017 through a mutual love of Blues and 60’s Psychedelia. They bring these influences together in their latest album Ava’s Revenge, inspired by B-movies and Horror soundtracked. The album is jam-packed with heavy guitars, synths, riffs, ferocious hooks and melodies. We featured the track ‘The Touch’ and it’s psychedelic video.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Brighton New Music - Thieves By The Code - 'The Touch'


This slack-pop quartet released their self-titled debut EP back in January 2018 through French, independent label Nice Guys. The tunes are dreamy, soulful and totally trippy with tight grooves and a really smooth sound overall. We featured the track and video for ‘Taxi Boy’, filmed around Brighton.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Brighton New Music - Ralph TV - 'Taxi Boy'

Alien Stadium

Alien Stadium could be referred to as a supergroup because it is a union between Beta Bands Steve Mason and Primal Screams Martin Duffy. We featured the track ‘This One’s For The Humans’ from their concept mini-album Livin’ In Elizabethan Times on Double Six Records. The Brighton residents joined forces to deliver an eclectic, operatic mini EP that blends prog, pysch, blues and synth-pop, effortlessly.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Brighton New Music- Alien Stadium - 'This One's For The Humans'

Young Sahara

Young Sahara are an energetic 4-piece from Brighton with a brand of contemporary rock that is musically well-crafted, song-driven and satisfyingly loud. We featured the video for ‘Thank You Letter’ which was filmed at Brightons Hare & Hounds.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Brighton New Music - Young Sahara - 'Thank You Letter'


AK/DK are an electronic, synth-pop, dance duo with an outstanding level of energy and skill in their music and live performances. Their latest album, Patterns/Harmonics was released on Little Miss Echo Recordings and was an album of the week with BBC Radio 6 back in October 2017. We featured the video for their single ‘Morphology’ which is a frenzied, psychedelic delight and fits the music perfectly.

Brighton Album Chart Show - Brighton New Music - AK/DK - 'Morphology'