It’s August’s Brighton Album Chart Show

It’s another Brighton Album Chart Show and we’re bringing you a fantastic eclectic chart based on what the people of Brighton have been buying.
This month we’re broadcasting from Vinyl Revolution who have just celebrated their 1st Birthday on Brighton’s high street. Happy birthday to you… 🎈

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1) Heaven And Earth – Kamasi Washington  – Street Fighter Mas – Young Turks
2) High As Hope – Florence + The Machine – Hunger – Virgin EMI
3) Endless Scroll – Bodega – Jack In Titanic – What’s Your Rupture
4) Both Directions At Once – John Coltrane – Untitled Original 11386 – UMG (on behalf of Verve Records)
5) Wilko Johnson – Blow Your Mind – Marijuana – USM / UMC
6) I’m All Ears – Let’s Eat Grandma – It’s Not Just Me – Transgressive
7) Awaken, my Love! (Vinyl re-release) – Childish Gambino – Redbone – Glassnote Records
8) Appetite For Destruction (Special Edition Vinyl) – GunsNRoses – Sweet Child O Mine – UMC / Polydor
9) Bon Voyage – Melody’s Echo Chamber – Breathe In Breath Out – Domino
10) Breathe Panel – Breathe Panel – The Time, Always – Fat Cat Records

Local Pick
The Defier – Bobbie Johnson – Emerald – QM Records

Local Pick



Number 10

Fresh faces Breathe Panel open our chart with their self-titled debut on FatCat records. Local heads Nick, Josh, Benjamin and Alex met at university and wrote together in a shared house basement to craft their unique blend of shoegaze, psychedelia and garage. Recorded and produced by Hookworms frontman MJ, their poetic and bittersweet sound is making waves in Brighton. The video shows 4 friends on wild adventures exploring cities, beaches and jungles on motor scooter – try not to get too jealous as it looks pretty picturesque.

Number 9

Making a return on the show this month are Melody’s Echo Chamber, a synthy electronic dream who hold our number 9 spot with album, Bon Voyage. Dreamy soprano & clattering rhythms marry with studio techniques from the 70s to birth a synthy, trippy, and always wavey journey. These 7 tracks, released on Domino, take you into a rich journey of sound that you might not want to leave! Check out the video to properly immerse yourself in this collage of sound.

Number 8

We have a classic at number 8 from the one and only Guns N’ Roses with a vinyl re release of Appetite For Destruction. This iconic record turns 31 this year, and the glam rockers have decided to celebrate with a new release in various formats, that clock in a massive 73 tracks – 49 of which are previously unreleased songs that fans old and new will gush over.
From screeching solos to anthemic drums, you already know exactly what you’re getting into here. Just to remind you, watch the new, alternate version of the music video for Sweet Child O Mine and relive the glory days of metal.

Number 7

This record was a big departure from his usual style when it arrived in 2016, but fans have loved it just the same and this month his album Awaken, My Love!, re-issued on vinyl and available at Vinyl Revolution, is at number 7.
Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover is a multi-talented actor, writer, comedian and rapper and the Awaken, My Love! project is a step back to the 70s with sonics drenched in psychedelic soul & funk.
This is Gambino’s 3rd release on Glassnote Records – a label home to indie outfits such as Phoenix, Mumford & Sons, & Chvrches. The album was produced by Glover and his longtime collaborator Ludwig Göransson, spawning hit-single “Redbone” which was performed live on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Number 6

Looks like someone has some family issues – at number 6 it’s Let’s Eat Grandma with ‘I’m All Ears’. British vocalists Rosa Walton & Jenny Hollingworth are the instrumentalists and songwriters behind this art-poppy project, and their second release on label Transgressive has achieved widespread acclaim.
Following up from their eclectic debut ‘I, Gemini’, their follow-up switches direction to the cool r&b stylings of Frank Ocean twinged with melodies of the xx. Despite only being teenagers, the pair have worked their way up the Norwich music scene since 2013 and maintained a keen curiosity in their music that can’t be beaten.
The video serves up a slice of youthful summer fun through kaleidoscopic spectacles.

Number 5

Number 5 this month goes to Wilko Johnson, returning after more than 30 years with new album Blow Your Mind. Tales of good love, bad love, ups, downs and the pain of life are delivered here with the timeless energy of a man who’s seen it all, having brought himself and his band back from the brink.
Pub rock fans will remember Johnson from his days in Dr Feelgood, and this project does it’s best to take you right back to the 70s. On the other side of a battle with cancer following a 2012 diagnosis, Wilko takes time to revisit old licks and stories on this album, enjoying his time back in the limelight.
The video for single ‘Marijuana’ is starkly British, and walks you through some of the urban centres Johnson has called home while he professes his love for the wholesome plant that “eases his troubled mind”, and his concerns about the clock ticking down his time.

Number 4

At number 4 we’re going Both Directions At Once with John Coltrane – saxophone goliath and jazz pioneer. A fitting title for Coltrane’s style, old jazz heads will know too well of his contribution to the genre and his signature, eccentric playing style.
In 1963, John Coltrane recorded a studio album that remained unknown and unheard until it was released last month in June. Recorded at the ‘Abbey Road’ of jazz, Van Gelder studios, the tracks feature Coltrane’s renowned quartet at the top of their game and at the height of Coltrane’s career. Some beautiful rhythmic changes, gorgeous piano and classic Coltrane playing make ‘Untitled Original 11386’ our pick of the album. Enjoy this..

Number 3

Art rock 5-piece Bodega stand at number 3 with Endless Scroll. Last year they were the toast of SXSW Festival, and this year they’ve established themselves with an album Full of short-but-sweet tracks, chugging guitar and deadpan lyrics, even the album title is a pointer to the satire you can find inside.
Guitarist and lead vocalist Ben Howie told DIY Magazine it would be impossible to write a contemporary record without talking about life on the internet. In his words: “It’s almost not even a critique, it’s just that’s literally what it means to be alive right now.”
The video for Jack In Titanic stands at 32 thousand views online and features the band interacting with various real-life and digital version of themselves in a decidedly 80s aesthetic.

Number 2

Florence and The Machine present their 4th album High As Hope and it’s nabbed our second podium spot this month. Critics have enjoyed the latest offering from UK vocalist Florence Welch and producer Emile Haynie, who’s prowess in ballad making is clear on this project.
If you’re a lover of Florence then you’ll by now know what to expect – soaring vocals, tense strings and piano chords, to bring a tear even to the eyes of Adele.
Florence is especially reflective on this album and doesn’t hold back when singing about encroaching adulthood, her relationship with her sister and eating disorders.
Single ‘Hunger’ is especially poignant – pairing with the video to truly illustrate the effects, dangers and perception of eating disorders in our society.

Number 1

Heaven And Earth – The second studio album by Kamasi Washington sits on top of our chart this month. A contemporary jazz legend hailing from Inglewood, California, Mr Washington’s accomplishments include; playing alongside greats like Herbie Hancock, Snoop Dogg & Chaka Khan,  dropping debut solo album ‘The Epic’ in 2015, and his stellar saxophone performances on Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’.
One interview with named his largest musical influence as John Coltrane – the famous jazz saxophonist and pioneer of the free jazz movement – who’s already made an appearance in the second half of our chart this month.
The video for Street Fighter Mas, as expected, is littered with Street Fighter arcade references. AG Rojas has directed a 6minute epic which borrows from Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino in building a strange, tense world in which Washington goes in search of a worthy Street Fighter opponent.

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