Welcome to the April edition of
the Brighton Album Chart Show!

This month on Brighton Album Chart Show we start April by counting down the albums that are currently creating the biggest buzz around town, with trends collected from various music stores in and around Brighton. As a result, our April chart brings us fantastic tracks from the likes of Young Fathers, Tracy Thorn, Editors, Fruity Water… plus many more!

April Chart Show

Album – Artist – Song/Video – Label

1) Cocoa Sugar – Young Fathers – In My View – Ninja Tune
2) American Utopia – David Byrne – Everybody’s Coming to My House – Nonesuch
3) 37 avenue kaniama – Baloji – Peau de Chagrin / Bleu de Nuit – Bella Union
4) Record – Tracey Thorn – Queen – Unmade Road
5) Violence –  Editors – Hallelujah (So Low) – Play It Again Sam
6) Illogical Dance  – Hatis Noit – Illogical Lullaby – Erased Tapes
7) Cranio – DJ Nigga Fox – ‘WAABA-JAH’ – Warp
8) Tearing at the Seams –  Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – You Worry Me – Concord
9) The Four Worlds – Mark Pritchard – Come Let Us – Warp
10) Mr Dynamite – Creepshow – Modern Parenting – Bella Union

Local Pick
Thirst Takes – Fruity Water – Dance With Me – Big Salad Records

Number 10

We kick off this months chart at number 10 with the album, Mr Dynamite by Creep Show. A collaboration between American singer John Grant & experimental UK three-piece, Wrangler. The much-anticipated album (which is released on the British independent label, Bella Union) is a great platform for Grants surreal humour which mixes very well with the Dark electro that we know & love Wrangler for. The single, ‘Modern Parenting’ delivers some dope synth funk & John Grant even spits a rhyme or two! Truth! The video is a twisted view of family life and it’s well cool yeah?


Number 9

At number 9 we have the album, The Four Worlds by the prolific electronic musician & producer Mark Pritchard. The album is his second solo release on legendary label Warp. It’s dreamy, haunting and can be kind of intense, in a really good way. The record features vocals from ultimate legend, The Space Lady, if you don’t know who she is, you must check her out! And 80’s cult radio artist Gregory Whitehead appears on the single, ‘Come Let Us’. A deep slice of ambient electronica. The stunning visuals for the video were created by visual artist, Jonathon Zawada.


Number 8

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are at number 8 with their album, Tearing At the Seams. A slice of warm, soulful Americana.  We’ve picked the track, ‘You Worry Me’ from the album. Which is an uplifting, anthemic number. The video for the track tells the story of a young woman breaking away from her toxic ex and gaining her independence. Yes, Sister! Check it.


Number 7

At number 7 we have a breakout producer from Lisbon’s Afro-Portuguese club music scene, DJ Nigga Fox with his awesome album Cranio which is released on Warp. This album is madness and I LOVE it! You might wanna call it an experimental dance record or whatever. The beats are next level and it just makes me really really happy.
The single ‘Waaba-Jah’ is a serious banger. The video for the track is a kinda frantic view of the DJ’s global rave adventures and was produced by up-and-coming Lisbon based director Afonso Mota.


Number 6

At number 6 is Hatis Noit. A self-taught vocal performer with an incredible EP, Illogical Dance, released on Erased Tapes. On the album, the Japanese artist incorporates operatic singing, Gregorian chanting, and avant-garde & experimental pop vocals into the mix. The result feels spiritual, & earthy.  We’ve picked The single ‘Illogical Lullaby’ from the album and the video is just as is stunning as the track.


Number 5

Editors are at number 5 with their 6th studio album, Violence. The album is beautifully produced and the band marries their indie roots & anthemic rock with synths better than ever before.  Lead singer Tom Smith wrote the lyrics for the single, ‘Hallelujah (so low’) after visiting a refugee camp in Northern Greece. The video for the track is produced by renowned photographer and director Rahi Rezvani and compliments the intensity of the song beautifully.


Local Pick

Our local pick this month is electro/ indie pop duo, Fruity Water. The Brighton residents formed last year and released their debut album Thirst Takes on Big salads Records. The music is electronic, experimental and incredibly playful, It feels like band members are having a whole lot of fun on this musical journey. The single ‘Dance With Me’ is a joyous synth-pop dance tune. “Brighton is a funny town” Adam Bell sings on the track. Which is a totally true statement!
The video is a black & white clip filmed around funny old Brighton.


Number 4

Tracey Thorn is at number 4 with her album, Record. The album is 30 minutes of glorious mid-life angst in a disco/ dance / pop style. The songs discuss nine different stages in a woman’s life & Thorn delivers some feminist points of view with her distinctive velvet vocals. The album features guest appearances from Corinne Bailey Ray and Warpaint.
The single ‘Queen’ is pure synth pop and the video features the artist on a nighttime drive.

The fantastic “Sister” sets the tone – over eight pulsing minutes of feminist rage, explicitly inspired by the women’s march, with Corinne Bailey Rae and Warpaint’s rhythm section joining in as she chants, “I think like a girl/I fight like a girl.” She sounds like a woman who woke up one morning to realise she forgot how to give a fuck anymore. So it makes sense she adapts so well to adult wariness. She sings about women who agonise as their kids move out (“Go”), or stalk their exes on social media (“Face”), or try to remember what it was like going to clubs (“Dancefloor”).

“Sister,” featuring Corinne Bailey Rae, is a slashing disco-funk epic that wriggles and zaps for more than eight minutes, as Thorn alternately universalises womanhood and just humiliates the patriarchy with its own language: “You are the man, but I’m not your baby … and I fight like a girl.” “I fight like a girl,” she purrs on the slinky, clubby ‘Sister’, turning an insult into a show of strength and railing against misogyny over a musically sophisticated backdrop. The song – which features Warpaint and Corinne Bailey Rae – is part protest, part anthem of feminine solidarity, but few lyrics capture the #MeToo/post-Weinstein era as succinctly as: “What year is it? The same old shit.”


Number 3

Congolese / Belgian artist Baloji is at number 3 with his album, 137 Avenue Kaniama. An album which seamlessly integrates many musical styles from Afrobeat, hip-hop, traditional African rhythms, spoken word, gospel and even opera. This album takes you on an incredible journey with lively, dance bangers as well as more tender, experimental tracks.

We’ve picked the single ‘Poo de Shagraa / Blue de Nwee’ which features traditional African instrumentation & spoken word. The video is an epic 9-minute long feast for your eyes. Its colourful, sensual & deserves your full attention. Enjoy.


Number 2

At number 2 is absolute legend David Byrne with his album, American Utopia. Which is his first solo record in 14 years. As an artist, Byrne is known for his originality and taking risks with his latest album being no exception as it is packed with Byrne’s trademark eccentricity. The album features post-punk guitars, drum breaks, dance riffs and quirky, sometimes quite confusing lyrics.

Byrne’s single ‘Everybody’s Coming To My House’, which was co-written by Brian Eno, is a joyous groove laden number that is guaranteed to get you moving to the beat. The video itself features some pretty cool animation too.


Number 1

At the big number 1 slot is the genre-bending Scottish trio Young Fathers with their 3rd full-length release, Cocoa Sugar released on Ninja Tune. It is is a highly experimental record but its also a brilliant pop album that is sleek & well-crafted thanks to their mix of rap, honeyed vocals & African rhythms with a punk sensibility. They continue to do their own thing & have chucked away all the rulebooks. Much to their fans delight. The single ‘In My View’ is a lush down-tempo number. The video was directed by Jack Whiteley & features some stunning visuals and behind the scenes footage.



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